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The Madness Is Coming

March 10, 2011
Muir Madness Logo

Our motto: "To explore, enjoy, and protect the earth as college hoops fans."

Muir Madness, that is!

Yes, for the 11th straight year in a row, my friend Ilysia and I are ringleading Muir Madness, an NCAA basketball tournament pool in honor of our former employer, the Sierra Club.  Email me to get the sign-up info and join the fun!

I will admit that I watch much less college b-ball these days, compared to when I was fresh out of college myself – but having spent a few days in Connecticut now and seen my team upset two teams in the Big East tournament, I am getting excited.  And I realize I will have to find a new place to watch the tourney now that (a) we’ve moved, and no longer live within a block of two sports bars, and (b) I am not drinking beer on account of the Fruitbat.  “Hey Mr. Bartender, UConn’s up by 10 – can I have another Shirley Temple?”  Really cool.

Please note: I will bring food to your home in exchange for television privileges during the tournament.

There should be some fun games to watch this year, though.  UConn is ranked 19th in the nation, and the Harvard men actually won their first Ivy League title in 100 years of basketball.  (I think the only Harvard b-ball game I attended was to watch my freshman year roommate perform with the dance team at halftime.) 

Oh yeah, and UNC beat Duke to win the ACC title, which I guess is important, ha ha.  The next-generation fanship competition has already begun – my mom purchased a set of UConn onesies for the Fruitbat – and I can just see us during the 2012 tournament arguing over which color blue our child will be wearing.  Personally, I think navy will hold up better to baby barf.  But I just might be biased.

Selection Sunday is right around the corner, though, so I should start studying up on the rankings and decide who my teams will be.  And again – please let me know if you want in for Muir Madness.  The more the merrier!

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