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Why it’s super fun to work at 14th & Broadway

March 4, 2011

Protests are getting started to conclude the week of action against the gang injunctions, and as of 3:40pm youth activists are blocking the intersection at 14th and Broadway.  The crowd is energetic, almost jubilant, and I see quite a few bikes.  Of course the media choppers are already circling so that adds to the atmosphere as well.  The posted rally location was City Hall so I presume they’ll open up the streets before 5pm.

My household is a bit divided on the gang injuction.  I think Angela Davis’ opinion piece in today’s Oakland Tribune was right on the money.  However, I think we need some intervention as well as prevention. Gangs are self-perpetuating social structures, and education and job opportunities alone will not disrupt the existing organizations enough to stop them.

That said, I’m not convinced the injunction is the best intervention. And I’m excited to see Oakland’s youth mobilized against injustice through non-violent civil disobedience.  Hopefully folks will keep their cool and the media vultures will go home soon.

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