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November recap

December 10, 2022

Here’s a look back at the rest of November in photos…starting with Schatzi getting proper attire for ballet classes!

Schatzi in new ballet gear
She is really loving dance!

Peter and I rode out to the northeastern part of the city for our Covid boosters and there was a lot to see. On the way there, climate activists had superglued themselves to the street in a large intersection and a choir was singing as the police unglued them. On the way back, we rode past many major sights of the city, including the Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe which I realized is visible from the Reichstag (capitol building).

That weekend, Fruitbat had her first swim meet, which happened to be a big international affair and the first meet since pandemic for many age group swimmers. It was held in the big swimming complex that Berlin built in their failed bid for the 2000 Olympics and the simulcasting was pretty fancy! She swam free, back, and breast events.

Coach spelled her name wrong, alas.

I got a long-desired bike basket and now the Bananabike is even more ridiculously yellow.

The downside to a bright yellow bike: it shows the dirt.

We got our first dusting of snow!

Just a wee bit of accumulation – ground was not yet cold enough for it to really stick.

Peter and I continued our Friday museum outings at the Humboldt Forum, where we only got partway through a cool exhibit about many different aspects of Berlin. One section included a recreation of an installation piece “Rent Grave” that an artist had embedded in the sidewalk, to mourn the rising housing costs. So familiar.

The large bouquet is from AirBnB, “We will rent you out” instead of “we will remember you.”

We all went to the Reichstag for a guided tour.

Afterwards I demanded a photo at the Brandburger Tor, which I require every time we go to Germany. Here’s the comparison with our last trip in 2018.

Not long after, I woke up for an early run to a real snowfall!

We had a relaxed American Thanksgiving weekend…

…followed by the first of Advent and the beginning of holiday season!

Welcome, December! More about that next time.

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