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Hallo again!

August 21, 2022

Well, it’s been a minute since I posted anything here. Many things have changed since May 2013, including the size of our family, my job, the POTUS (and then again, thank goodness), the climate (and still changing, y’all), and most recently, our location. We are spending this school year in Berlin, Germany, primarily to strengthen our kids’ language skills and cultural ties. And also to have a little adventure!

Here’s Peter & the Fruitbat (now 11) in Frankfurt, where we had a surprise 8-hour layover en route to Berlin:

Peter and Fruitbat in Frankfurt

And here’s the “newest” addition to the family, who I’ll call Schatzi and is 8.5 years old (and who is the real fruit eater, but we didn’t know that when we chose her big sister’s in utero name):

Schatzi at Duppel

Here is where we are living for the next year, in an apartment that belongs to Peter’s family. It’s on the edge of Berlin, so there are lots of trees and yards and it’s really quiet. One of my running routes is along the Mauerweg, where the Berlin Wall once sliced through the nearby forest. But we can also walk to a train station that takes us downtown in about 25 minutes and there are people on bicycles, everywhere.

We’ve been enjoying summer days and slowly getting ourselves set up in the city. But school starts tomorrow…

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