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DC with Fruitbat

April 23, 2011

My last journey across state lines was across the country a week ago, to participate in the T4 America national convening and advocacy days in Washington, DC.  I prepped for the possibility of wary gate agents by bringing a doctor’s note and printing out the United Airlines rules about flying while pregnant (at 33.5 weeks, I should have been all clear, but you never know).

On the plus side, no one bugged me at all about my belly and the flights were remarkable comfortable.  On the minus side, United canceled my return flight and was really unfriendly and unsympathetic at every point of contact as I tried to get myself home at a reasonable hour.  Even the gate agent who managed to find me an aisle seat delivered the news with a snide comment about how lucky I was.  Ahem?  Lucky that your plane had mechanical difficulties and I had to drop everything and come to the airport two hours early, missing half my staff retreat, to be treated rudely by everyone associated with your airline?  Surprisingly, I am having trouble feeling grateful for my “luck.”  Oh well.  At least, as my cousin Tim pointed out, they didn’t break my guitar.

DC itself was beautiful – I’ve never been there for cherry blossom time.  While my schedule was packed and I only had so much energy for evening activities, I still enjoyed seeing some color in the city that I’ve mostly experienced in the dead of winter or the swamp of summer.  Added bonus: I have a complimentary Capitol Bikeshare membership and got to pedal around a bit in the sunshine.  Highly recommend!

Some highlights of the trip included:

Secretary of Transportation Ray LaHood telling our campaign that “you’re the best!”
during T4 partner day (sorry, my camera doesn’t do well indoors)

Hitting the halls of the Capitol with Team California

Having a “pregnant ladies” dinner with high school buddy Genevieve and cousin Katie and their spouses –
we are all due within two weeks of one another (though Gen is skillfully hiding her belly in this pic)

I’m really glad I was able to make the trip, and look forward to returning to DC after the Fruitbat arrives, although it will surely be even more complicated then…are breastpumps a problem for airport security?  Oh, the fun that lies ahead!

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  1. Karen permalink
    April 27, 2011 3:33 pm

    What?!? Here I came looking to see three pregnant bellies and I only got TWO! No fair!!! Otherwise, great post! 🙂

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